Who can Counselling Psychology help? 

Counselling psychology is helpful for anyone who feels they are experiencing difficulties or problems in life … Ultimately the “problem” is defined by what you see as being problematic for you. Counselling psychology provides the opportunity to address your concern holistically; looking at what it means to you in your life and how you wish to address your issues. 
It is a process which seeks to empower the client to become their own therapist through self-reflection and examination. All consultations and referrals are confidential. 
This means I will not disclose your identity or information to anyone else without your permission to do so. All Counselling Psychologists have to be in regular clinical supervision in which cases are reviewed; this case review process is a confidential extension of the psychotherapeutic work and is also bound by the same confidentiality as therapy. However I am bound by law to inform all my prospective patients that should you discuss any intent to harm yourself or anyone else I would need to disclose that information to a third party for your own protection and the protection of the general public. 


Psychotherapy is not a quick fix. It takes time and effort both on the part of the therapist and the patient.  
I believe psychotherapy is a process of co-creation to enable the patient to develop confidence in their ability to cope better with their life in general. I can never guarantee a cure but I can say, with confidence, that I have witnessed the integrative approach of Counselling Psychology to be extremely helpful, reassuring and curative to my patients. 
My aim is always to help my patients to improve their quality of life in their own self lead direction, to a point where they feel happy with the harmony they have created within their life. 
How Long And How Often? 
The frequency and length of psychotherapy required is decided jointly between myself and my patient depending on individual needs, unless there is a specification made by third party funding such as health insurance providers or employee assistance programmes. Usually appointments are agreed on a weekly basis and are of a 50 minute duration. 

Training / Research 

I invite enquiries for psychological training and lecturing.  
As well as research supervision, medico-legal assessment and treatment I can offer psychological assessment and treatment for medico-legal cases. 
Find me 
My practice is based in historic Templecombe, Somerset.  
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